We have been perfecting the button for a long time and today we use proprietary resin chemistry and casting to create the Enduronpower button. Each button is designed to be super-tough and can stand up to commercial laundries without breaking. We also believe in creating buttons to enhance a garment, match a fabric color, and captivate with pattern and design that is consistent throughout each batch.

Just like our materials, our process is designed around quality control. It starts in the liquid resin and runs through the cured, polished and tested end product. We invented our own state of the art machinery and continue to develop ways to refine our productivity to keep our customer’s costs low. By running two manufacturing processes – cast and rod – we have the ability to create limitless varieties of buttons.

As long as there are clothes to be fastened, fabrics to be enhanced, commercial irons to be faced up to, you can guarantee we will be right on the button. Our continuity with the always-changing fashion industry is a sign that we’ll be here to serve you tomorrow.

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